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Intensive Tutoring Programme
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We at DAS International are aware of the pressures that parents face when trying to secure educational provision for their children, especially where their children are not 'typical' learners and are experiencing difficulties with acquiring literacy skills.

We have therefore created the Intensive Tutoring Programme, which is aimed at supporting children who are unable to secure a place in an international school,  or are struggling in an international or mainstream curriculum.


The Intensive Tutoring Programme is recommended if your child is struggling to catch up with mainstream education or awaiting entry into a mainstream education. This programme is designed to bridge their learning gap.


How long does it last?

We can deliver intensive remediation for a long as a child requires support.  We find that our students can come for many hours per week other students fly into Singapore for their school holidays for a block delivery of support.  We don’t specify how long, but we recommend that the service continues to deliver results.  Review assessments are conducted to measure progress in order for us to ensure that the ‘small steps’ approach to teaching is truly effective and that your child is making progress that is measurable. We need to ensure that your child is making progress, but also that they are happy, comfortable and confident learners. We will never push a child too fast as we need to make sure that they enjoy learning; however, we will never lower our expectations of what they are capable of achieving. This will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence, especially where they have only experienced failure in the past.


What to expect?

We can continue to offer individual or small group programmes once your child starts a full-time school place. This will ensure that your child is confident in their new school and consistently supported to ensure they can cope with the curriculum. We are happy to share our specialist reports and your child’s IEP with their school and consult with the school’s Learning Support Coordinator. This will ensure that the school knows how to best support your child.


Unique features of the Intensive Programme

At least one individual per day Implemented by specialist teachers with high level qualifications and specialist training to support students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLD).

  • Access to evidence based assistive technology programmes to support literacy and numeracy development.
  • Review of IEP and cross curriculum targets.
  • IEP planning and consultation with the child’s teacher and learning support coordinator.

To see our Specialist Teachers bio please CLICK HERE


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To see our Specialist Teachers bio please CLICK HERE

The differences between Specialist Tutoring and the Intensive Tutoring Programme is highlighted in the table below.

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