Why Maths Specialist Tutoring?

Maths Teaching Methodology 

Riding on the teaching methodology of the successful evidence-based SES Maths programme at DAS, every stage of learning of our One-to-One tutoring ensures that the child links mathematical ideas in a progressive and cumulative way. The programme helps to bridge the gap between your child's ability and the mainstream syllabus by addressing areas they are weaker in. This is done through a C-R-A (Concrete-Representational-Abstract) approach. The methodology applied constantly keeps in touch with the mainstream school Maths syllabus at both MOE and International schools, with the aim of bridging the gap between the student's ability and the mainstream syllabus.

Our Philosophy

The Specialist Tutoring Maths Programme is guided by the following principles:

  • Language-based
  • Structured, cumulative and sequential
  • Simultaneously multi-sensory
  • Emotionally sound
  • Cognitive

Students facing challenges in Maths may be experiencing the following difficulties

  • Weakness in short-term memory
  • Understanding the vocabulary of mathematics
  • Problems with sequencing
  • Challenges following multi-step calculations
Resources Used

We use concrete materials and teaching manipulatives to explain basic maths concepts to students where necessary. Students are provided with hands-on experience to handle these materials to aid their understanding of the relevant maths concepts.

DAS International has a team of specialist tutors who have extensive experience in supporting students with specific learning differences and other learning needs. Our tutors are experienced in the International as well as the Ministry of Education (MOE) systems, they have an understanding of the curriculum and the demands that today's education systems place on your child.

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