DAS International will provide high-quality psychological assessment services to students who struggle to learn. 

We are pleased to expand our team of professional representatives who aim to provide our clients making enquiries on assessments through our Region Agents. 
We also welcome our clients travelling to Singapore who would like to access our Concierge Assessment Services. Please refer to the following link on DAS International Concierge Assessment Services

DAS INTERNATIONAL Assessment Services offer a range of psycho-educational assessments that may help to address your concerns with regard to education, attention and social skills. The difficulties that may be investigated include:


The DAS International Concierge Assessment services are supported in the region by regional agents.


  • Gold standard in psychological assessment reports that are recognized worldwide and delivered by our experienced registered psychologists.
  • Personalised experience as the client is closely guided by our psychologist in completing the application through obtaining information, understanding concerns and providing a preliminary recommendation.
  • Time-sensitive with assessment reports being completed within 6 weeks* from receiving the application as we understand every assessment is a priority. 

* Duration is dependent on the gathering of all necessary information.

DAS Psychologists can provide psycho-educational assessments for students (Primary to Tertiary) as well as school-readiness assessments for preschoolers. 

Contact us with your concerns and we will work with you to support you and your child.  

We look forward to supporting students with Specific Learning Differences to achieve their potential through DAS International Concierge Assessment Services.

Anaberta Oehlers-Jaen
Head of DAS International

DAS International has established contacts in the region to support families with the Concierge Assessment Service.

Introducing our regional agents in:

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Mrs Fehmina Khan

Email: fehmina.khan@hotmail.com
Mobile: +92 0345 285 8285

We are pleased to welcome Fehmina Khan to our team as our DAS International Concierge Assessment Service and representative in Pakistan. Fehmina brings 17 years of specialised Remedial teaching experience with her and is a Fellow of RETA, Singapore. During her career she has contributed towards the development of many children with learning needs, watching her students successfully make their way into universities and full-time careers. She strongly advocates that with strong willpower and proper support, one can achieve anything - No one can stop you!

Find out more about Fehmima on RETA



Mohamed Samunn

Email: contact@samunn.com
Mobile: +94 76 719 1577

We are pleased to announce Mohamed Samunn to our team as our DAS International Concierge Assessment Service and representative in Sri Lanka. 

Samunn has been an English Language teacher for 38 years teaching Cambridge O Level and IGCSE First and Second Language, and Edexcel curriculums. His career switch to special education in 2008 saw him become a Senior Educational Therapist and a Senior Specialist teacher at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) and DAS International, where he rendered his services to the special needs community for 14 years until November 2022. He is a learning experience designer and engages in designing learning pathways for each student to meet their learning needs so that they can achieve and excel.

He holds a Masters degree in Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) from London Metropolitan University and is currently a PhD candidate at the University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. His research is focused on the additional learning needs of SEN students in post-secondary settings.

Please find out more about Samunn on RETA


We provide customised INTENSIVE SPECIALIST ONE-TO-ONE TUTORING for your child over the summer break for Maths (Primary) and Literacy (Primary and Secondary) 

DAS International aims to be a one-stop service provider for the support of students with specific learning differences or learning challenges as a result of transition and moving within the region.  Third-culture kids can find access to curriculum challenging and we are experienced in supporting these students.

The support services we can provide:

  • Teacher Training and support
  • Consultancy for the support of students with learning differences
  • Assessment Services
  • Intensive Tutoring
  • Online Specialist Tutoring
  • Consultation for parents


Watch this video about our overseas student who travels to Singapore for Intensive Tutoring!